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Virtual Reality Architectonic tour

Virtual Architectonic tours

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Architectonic Visualization

Showcase your architectonic projects in an easy and intuitive way with the posibility of interacting with the environment and modify colors, furniture, decoration and materials.

Impress your clients with a showroom or remotely from their own phone, tablet or computer, use virtual reality and augmented reality to close sales.

Aplicación de visualización arquitectónica con menús para seleccionar materiales

Solutions designed to make pre-sale and sale processe's easier and help with the development and planning of architectural projects.

We can help you in every stage of the project, from the conceptualization and planning to the finished product.

Ease of use

Your clients will be able to navegate the virtual world in an easy and intuitive way, exploring sites of interest and personalizing them in real time.

We have different navigation systems for each device, from augmented reality lenses, virtual reality HMD, PCs, tablets or phones.

3D render of a real state showroom in virtual reality
Visualization Application for architecture with menus to change materials

Real time personalization

Our software allows the client to adapt the decoration, furniture colors and materials to their taste.

  • Change of furniture and accessories
  • Customization of colors, materials and floors
  • Lightning customization
  • Personalization of atmospheric conditions: Day, night, rain, temperature.

All kind of solutions

  • Corporative showrooms with inmersive projections
  • Virtual Reality (VR) for showrooms and sales offices
  • Virtual Reality (VR) for itinerant exhibitions and remote offices
  • Virtual tours in Touch kiosks and Tablets
  • Virtual tours with web technology
  • Desctop application for in-app render generation.
Magazine with architectonic 3D renders
Architectonic visualization app with menus to customize materials

Visualization in mobile devices & web

Amplify your reach to potential clients with our web implementation that has all the functionalityes we have mentioned earlier and can be viewed in any personal computer, tablet and smart phone.

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Generate your architectonic renders

Allows the generation of unlimited 4K high resolution images that are ideal for all your marketing content.

3D render of a room with a sofa and an interface that allows to generate high quality architectonic renders
3D render of a room with a white bed

Virtual Reality for Architecture

It allows living the experience of something that has not been build yet, in real scale and realistic rendering. You can simulate climate conditions, lighting, materials, furniture to adapt to the taste of the client and make sales faster and more efficient

Video Tours

We generate an incredible video tour that higlights the best characteristics of your projects. It is ideal to complement marketing strategies and to showcase your development in a concise and impactful way.

Aplicación de visualización arquitectónica en un teléfono

Integral solution for 3D Virtual tours

Our solutions not only make your clients fall in love with your projects remotely from any device.

You will also be able to generate an unlimited amount of 4k renders for your marketing material from your office without the need of any expert help.

Everything necessary to advertise real state projects and close sales.

Kiosk with touch screen application in shopping mall
Fence with big sign of real state development
Kiosk with interactive application in shopping mall
Billboard with big sign of real state development
Fence with big sign of real state development

Do you need a custom development

For clients with more especific and complex needs, like industral and engineering projects, we can create any kind of custom functionality and develop custom modules that fill the needs of your business objectives.

In Visualma we want to advice you so you can use the new technologies in your favor.

Render 3D de recamara con cama blanca
Render 3D de recamara con cama negra

Virtual Architecture Projects

Realidad Virtual para Arquitectura - Recorrido virtual en México

Realidad Virtual para Arquitectura - Recorrido virtual

Aplicación de realidad virtual que ofrece un recorrido virtual interactivo a cualquier proyecto arquitectónico, es posible crear estas experiencias incluso a partir de los planos de un proyecto que todavía no ha sido construido.

Urbanissa Arquitectos

Dic 2019

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