Visualma Mexico
Museums and interactive installations

We create Interactive installations and technology for innovative museums

We offer the technologies and experiences that back up the exhibitions of the best museums in the world.

Advanced video projections, interactivity and applications that generate a presence in the media and attract new public.

We use our museography experience to amplify the theme and objectives of every exhibit with technology solutions that create attractive, didactive and accessible experiences..

Inmersive video projections

Installations that completely surround the visitors and transports them to historic events, natural sceneries and great works of art.

Interactive installations

We make the public an active participant of the museum with fun and memorable experiences that invite them to learn more.

Educational applications

Didactic tools that help the museums visitors learn and explore complex concepts at their own rythm.

We renovate existing exhibitions with modern content , software and hardware to give life to the original inversión.

Most museums present oportunities to renovate and make their infrastructure better with a minimal investment. Adding new content invites the public to re-live the experience.

The ideal technology for every experience

Touch screens & museoum apps

Functional and modern applications that complement and enhance the visit.

360º video projections & domes

Amazing content for every geometry and room configuration.

Virtual tours & augmented reality

We augment the real world with digital content to offer contextual information and give life to rooms and exhibitions.

Realidad Virtual

We use the best software and hardware to let the visitor live and interact with every room and exhibit.View Augmented Reality services


Futuristic visualizations that give life to historical characters, 3D art pieces and virtual hosts.

3D Projection Mapping

Collective experiences focused on being memorable and having the maximum impact with the use of powerful visual illusions.

Museum installation examples

📸 Publicidad exterior interactiva: Activaciones de marca BLT y photo booths
 en México

📸 Publicidad exterior interactiva: Activaciones de marca BLT y photo booths

Instalaciones interactivas y photo booths para activaciones de marca BLT en estadios de futbol y baseball en México y Estados Unidos.


Sep 2023

Instalaciones interactivas 3D museo de Cholula en México

Instalaciones interactivas 3D museo de Cholula

Se creo un Holograma 3D que narra la historia de la pirámide de Cholula y una instalación con una gran pantalla táctil que permite interactuar con algunos monasterios importantes de México.

Museo Regional de Cholula

Enero 2017

Instalaciones interactivas Museo de la música en México

Instalaciones interactivas Museo de la música

El equipo de Visualma se encargo de la conceptualización y producción de 4 piezas interactivas para el Museo de la Música Mexicana Rafael Tovar y de Teresa.

Gobierno de Puebla

Dic 2016

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