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Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality

We create memorable experiences with augmented reality head mounted displays, phones and tablets.

5 Examples of augmented reality apps on phones

Augmented Reality combines the real world with the digital world

Show your products in the real world and allow your clients to interact with them in their own space in real scale. AR is perfect for showcasing automobiles, furniture, architectonic tours, clothing and accessories, works of art, toys, construction materials and any kind of product.

Catalogs, posters & magazines

Any image or product can be complemented with interactive experiences that add life to print content.

Digital marketing

Every marketing campaign can be complemented with a good augmented reality strategy

Social networks & AR filters

Augmented reality content for social networks like facebook, instagram, snapchat and tiktok.

Augmented reality glasses

Augmented Reality glasses or Head Mounted Displays (HMD) allow the creation of experiences with millimetric precision that are perfect for medical industries, aeronautics, architecture, corporate training and entretainment.

Phones & Tablets

Inmersive experiences that are accessible to everyone with a phone, tablet or computer.

Web sites & App's

Augmented reality and virtual reality experiences that be shared instantly, be visited from any device by clicking a link and can be integrated with existing web sites.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality is a technique that creates an interactive experience where the real world is complemented with information and digital objects in real time.

The digital elements are mixed perfectly with the real world creating an inmersive sensation that is perceived as part of reality.

The posible applications of augmented reality cover lots of different industries, from e-comerce, marketing, visual art & entretainment to architecture, education, industrial training, sales, tourism, industrial design, medicine, urban development and civil engineering.

5 teléfonos con diferentes ejemplos de experiencias de realidad aumentada

Types of Augmented Reality

They are different types of AR used for different situations, each of them uses the sensors and cameras of the devices in different ways to achieve specific effects.

World tracking / SLAM
It allows positioning in floors, surfaces and walls.
AR Marker Tracking
The 3D elements are positioned over printed markers.
Image Tracking
The content is positioned over any image, for example the cover of a magazine or the label of a product.
Facial Tracking
It allows to anchor content to the facial features of the user.
Body Tracking
It follows the extremities and body of the user.
Location based Tracking
Uses the devices gps to position the content in specific locations.

teléfonos celulares con ejemplos de aplicaciones de realidad aumentada

Augmented Reality Services

We develop all type of augmented reality experiences and applications:

  • Retail / e-commerce
  • Product customizers
  • Social network campaigns
  • Tourist applications
  • Immersive experiences
  • Lead capture systems
  • Didactic and education apps
  • Interactive games
  • Treasure hunts & Escape rooms
  • Spec sheets
  • Instructions & Manuals
  • Art exhibits
  • Augmented menus for restaurants
  • Personalized 3D models
  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Business cards
  • AR Filters

teléfonos celulares con ejemplos de aplicaciones de realidad aumentada

Examples of Augmented reality

Most big brands in the world are using this technology to impact their audience and capture their attention.
Sales & Retail
Augmented reality is used to improve the shopping experience, allow users to visualize products in their own space and try on clothes and accessories virtually.
Marketing & Advertising
This technology allows to create brand experiences, marketing campaigns, interactive and immersive ads that generate a high impact on their audience.
CocaCola Adidas McDonald's Pepsi Rolex
Architecture & Real state
It is used to visualize blueprints and construction projects, customize decoration and materials, and generate virtual tours.
Home Depot Marshalls Zillow Redfin
Games & Entertainment
It allows the creation of immersive video games that combine the real world and the digital world.
It can improve educative material with interactive experiences and 3D visualization that make concept retention better.
Tourism & Travel
It can create interactive touristic guides, historic recreations, 3D menus and maps.
Disney WorldHard RockRoyal CaribbeanHyatt HotelsMarriott
Training scenarios, surgery simulation and 3D visualization of medical data.
RocheSiemensPhilipsJohnson & JohnsonGE
Automotive industry
Tools for show rooms and sales, vehicle customization, design and development.

Example of a augmented reality product visualizer with a Adidas shoe

Differences between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

In the case of virtual reality the perception of the user is transformed completely with a digital representation. With augmented reality, digital elements are added on top of the real world, interacting with it and complementing it in real time.

Fun fact: 3D video projection mapping is a type of augmented reality known as "Spatial Augmented Reality"

Realidad Virtual en México
Realidad Virtual en México

Augmented Reality Examples

🪄 Proveedores de Realidad Aumentada
 en México

🪄 Proveedores de Realidad Aumentada

Somos proveedores de realidad aumentada para todo tipo de proyectos y empresas en México. Conoce algunos de nuestros proyectos, servicio, ejemplos y los tipos de AR que existen.

AT&T, Oceana, Adidas, Freefire, Jose cuervo

Sep 2023

🔦  Escape Room Virtual 💰 Experiencia de Realidad Virtual y Aumentada en México

🔦 Escape Room Virtual 💰 Experiencia de Realidad Virtual y Aumentada

Experiencia de Realidad Mixta que combina elementos físicos, realidad virtual y realidad aumentada para crear un Escape Room Virtual de Free Fire / La casa de papel.

Free Fire / La Casa De Papel

Sep 2020

Realidad Aumentada en un Video Mapping 3D 👓 en México

Realidad Aumentada en un Video Mapping 3D 👓

Creamos un video mapping 3D complementado con marcadores de realidad aumentada que permitieron a los espectadores interactuar con la video proyección utilizando sus teléfonos y tabletas.

Jose Cuervo

Feb 2020

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