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Virtual Production & Virtual Set

Virtual production & Virtual Sets for filmmaking, tv, marketing and live broadcast

Transform your production set into any location you want, with pothorealistic virtual sets and realtime VFX and compositing.

Frame from a video captured on a green screen with an integrated virtual backgroundPhoto of a video recording using a green screen

What is Virtual Production and Virtual Sets?

Virtual Production is the use of innovative techniques where motion tracked cameras and actors are recorded in front of a green screen or LED screen volume, and the image is altered in realtime to compose virtual environments, characters and VFX. Crucially, the final image contaning the digital composite is obtained on set instantly.

The ability to easily transform into any location and see immediate results opens up possibilities while reducing costs. Real time visualization of the virtual set gives directors and photographers full control over the scene. Parameters such as environment lighting, virtual objects placement and virtual camera characteristics can be changed instantly.

Virtual sets and virtual environments are becoming an integral part of video production in many industries, including broadcast, digital film, streaming services, advertising, news, YouTube and influencer content, real-time VFX, real-time data and statistics visualization, music videos, concerts and festivals, and live streaming.

Frame of a green-screen video with a virtual set composited in the background.Image of a video that was recorded in front of a green screen.

Case studies and industry adoption
How is Virtual Production providing solutions and transforming industries

  • Film Production
  • TV and Advertising
  • Live Events and Virtual Concerts
  • Corporate Events and conventions
  • Broadcast and TV Studios
  • E-Sports and streaming of real-time VFX
  • Data analysis and electoral graphs

Virtual Sets for Film Production

Virtual Production is transforming the way Film & TV is made. Universally acclaimed programs such as The Mandalorian use the technique to transport their story to fantastic locations using in-camera VFX and reducing costs.

Green screen production set with two actors standing, a clapperboard and a screen showing multiple virtual environments for film production in Mexico.
Recording set used for virtual production and virtual sets

Virtual Sets for TV and Advertising

Virtual Production enables commercials to use any location imaginable, customized to fit product and brand. With virtual production, the recording environment can be changed with a single click.

Live Events and Virtual Concerts

Concerts and music festivals in virtual spaces, live broadcasted to wide audiences.

  • We provide the infrastructure for remote mass events
  • Virtual scenery and sets for concerts and music videos
  • Audio-reactive animations and dynamics
  • Capture of video and audio using Virtual Production techniques
  • Cloud infrastructure that dinamically scales from dozens to hundreds of thousands of users
  • Equipment operation and supervision during the event

We make it possible for users to live massive live events from the comfort of their homes.

Recording corporate events in virtual sets for virtual conventions

Corporate Events and Virtual Conventions

We can help you offer unique, memorable experiences in the virtual world.

  • Corporate virtual presentations
  • Reports and graphs in augmented reality
  • Virtual Conventions
  • Immersive conferences and seminars
  • Virtual Trade Shows and Expos

Solutions for effective continuous communications leveraging remote presence technologies.

TV Broadast Studios

On-site installation of integrated Virtual Production solutions for existing broadcast sets. We can help you modernize and future-proof your forum with camera tracking systems, robotics, video capture, real-time rendering of virtual sets, virtual monitoring and live compositing.

TV recording studio with control room and a green screen
Runners in a race with seven competitors - Virtual Production for esports

E-Sports, Re-Plays and Realtime VFX

Get into the action like never before, and show your audience all the details of the game plan, including match data analisis and realtime graphics.

Election data graphs and realtime data analytics

We connect with big data providers and ingest complex datasets to turn them into exciting, comprehensible and interesting realtime graphics.

Virtual Stage for ABC being used to showcase news of election preferences using 3D graphs
Virtual Set for Newsroom

Virtual Sets for NewsRooms and TalkShows

Virtual Production on Virtual Sets makes it easier for the same space to be used in many diferent TV programs and news casts, allowing each one to have their own decoration, layout, VFX and realtime data, and to switch at the press of a button.

Virtual Sets for Education Purposes

Virtual Sets are an efective tool in the creation of educational content and training materials to be used in schools, museums, or corporate environments.

Educational experience in a 3D room showcasing a computer, three screens and an orange jumpsuit with the logo of Money Heist
A camera dolly with a broadcast camera on top recording a green screet set for virtual production

Sets with Green Screens, LED Walls and LED Volumes

Our Virtual Production solution is suitable for recording on a green screen, frame-synced LED panels, or huge LED volumes just as seen in Hollywood's big productions. Or solutions scales to our client's needs.

Motion Capture (MoCap)

The technology used to precisely track the camera's position in 3D is leveraged to get the positions of actors and practical props in realtime, allowing them to interact with the virtual world and be augmented with 3D models and realtime VFX.

Professional film production set with a motion capture setup

Training, Consulting and Support

  • Training for production companies and film set operators.
  • Training and support for using Virtual Sets and Motion Tracking.
  • Consulting for installation projects on Sets with Virtual Envirionments.
  • Equipment installation, calibration and operation for one-off events.
  • Warranty and expert support backing up our on-site installations.
Recording Studio with green screen and a camera

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
On Virtual Sets and real-time Virtual Production

Mountains, clouds and pyramids with a girl wearing virtual reality glasses living an experience

Production of immersive experiences with Virtual Reality

The content that is recorded on a virtual set is perfect for use in the creation of immersive and interactive Virtual Reality experiences.

Amusement Parks and Museums Thematic Rides

Amusement parks around the world leverage Virtual Production, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality in order to offer impressive shows and attractions.

Amesement Park showcasing a light show in front of a lake and a ferris wheel with a giant Mickey Mouse.
Technician placing a Microsoft Hololens augmented reality helmet over the head of an user.

Interactive advertising campaigns

Using Motion Capture techniques, chroma keying and 3D graphics, it is possible to create interactive advertising campaigns where consumer's attention can be captured in innovative ways.

Virtual Sets for Theater and the Scenic Arts

Virtual Sets can transform theater and scenic arts productions into incredible worlds where actors interact with fantastic virtual characters, digital VFX and 3D models, all infront of a live audience.

Acrobat high in the air, holding a hoop, in front of a virtual set.

Examples of Virtual Sets for Film, Advertising, TV and VR

🫧 Presentación corporativa con producción virtual de video en México

🫧 Presentación corporativa con producción virtual de video

Para su evento anual mas importante Mattel realizo su presentación corporativa utilizando la técnica de producción virtual, donde se combinan ejecutivos y presentadores con personajes animados, modelados 3D y efectos especiales en espacios virtuales creados para reforzar mensajes de marca y producto.


Feb 2022

🎬  Set Virtual en Foro de grabación / Escenarios Virtuales 3D en México

🎬 Set Virtual en Foro de grabación / Escenarios Virtuales 3D

Instalación de sistema de producción virtual de video con escenarios virtuales 3D y efectos especiales a tiempo real en foro de grabación para streaming de noticieros y e-sports. 🎮

Marcatel / ACE Sports

Feb 2021

🔮 Escenarios virtuales para evento de streaming online corporativo 🏎️ en México

🔮 Escenarios virtuales para evento de streaming online corporativo 🏎️

Gracias a las técnicas de producción virtual de cine y los escenarios virtuales, Mattel logro llegar a sus clientes mas importantes de una forma muy impactante de manera remota y segura. 🎥


Dic 2020

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We provide Virtual Production services, Virtual Sets design, and the installation of Virtual Production technologies

We have experience in the production of Virtual Production materials both for corporate and entertainment clients, as well as helping broadcast studios modernize their equipment and acheive Virtual Production capabilities.

Estudio de grabación con green screen con una cámara en el frente